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Something about us

The FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf constitutes a football club that devotes himself to promote young football players. Some famous examples: Such talents as Pierre Littbarski, Nico and Robert Kovac, Christian Ziege, Carsten Ramelow or Karsten Bäron could be made players in their national teams.

To ensure that Hertha 03 Zehlendorf could do this selfless job in the futur for top level and popular sports, we have to set new high standards.To guarantee such high standards to this "Young-Talents-Cup", the F.C.Hertha 03 Zehlendorf asked us, the Sports Consulting GbR, to organize the tournament.

So, we invite you to help us to make this Withsun football festival 2003 a succes and to honour the voluntary work of the F.C. Hertha Zehlendorf collaborators so that it may go further.

For all your inquieries concerning the tournament, the sponsoring etc. we are at your disposal as orgnanizer and co-ordinator.

  Ahornallee 49
14050 Berlin

Fon: 030.30 20 45 39
Fax: 030.30 20 45 51


F:C.Hertha 03 Zehlendorf

Your partner:
Ricardo Ikaka-Mata
0179/218 03 57





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